Paint Protection Film

When you put time and effort into your vehicle’s appearance, you want to keep your paint pristine for as long as you can. Not much feels worse than a scratch on your brand-new car or paint job. Avoid the frustration of a blemished paint job with paint protection film from Tint Plus.

Our paint protection film services help to keep your car in prime condition. Learn more about our services in Manassas, VA, today.

Keep Your Car Safe

Our shop uses STEK® Self-Healing Paint Protection Film to keep your car safe. This special film is a self-healing, clear layer that will match the finish of your car. The elastomeric polymer material will return to its original shape after being stretched, creating the self-healing properties key to keeping your car safe.

With an extra layer of protection, your car will have a buffer shielding it from bugs, rocks, dirt, tar, and anything else that could get on your car. Paint protection film also prevents UV rays from fading your paint.

While paint protection film can’t promise protection against everything, it can give you the assurance that something is protecting your car when you can’t. And our film comes with a five-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you will be taken care of.

Give yourself peace of mind and get paint protection film to preserve the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Trust Your Car to the Professionals

As fellow car enthusiasts, our team at Tint Plus will treat your vehicle like our own and make sure to take extra care of the details of its paint protection film application. We find joy in car customization, and we turn that passion into top-tier service.

Our quality installations, combined with our professionalism, make us the perfect choice to take care of your vehicle. Learn about our paint film options today by contacting us at 703.688.3561 . We look forward to working with your vehicle.

Where can this clear Paint Protection Film be installed on your car?

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