• Kevin Davis
    Phone:   7036883561
    Email:     Kevin@windowtintplus.com

    Kevin Davis was born in Dale City, Va and spent a majority of his life there. He has moved a few times and now calls the Fredericksburg area home. When he isn't busy running Tint Plus, Kevin enjoys spending time with his two daughters and wife.

    Kevin began working in the automotive aftermarket industry at the age of 16. Working his way up from staff, to manager he started Tint Plus along side Thane in the fall of 2016.
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  • Thane Foster-Simeon
    Phone:   7036883561
    Email:     Thane@windowtintplus.com

    Born & raised in Woodbridge, Virginia; Thane has been in the Automotive Protection/Restyling industry for nearly 8 years, specializing in Window film, paint protection film, paint correction, color change vehicle wraps & ceramic coating. As a car enthusiast himself, he understands the sentimental value a vehicle can bring to its owner & the joy of customizing to make them unique.

    "Being capable to properly protect a clients vehicle ( Paint protection film and/or Ceramic Pro) that'll not only help keep the vehicle looking brand new, but, help maintain its value, is my passion. Adding a creative twist that allows the owner to express their personality through their vehicle with a color change wrap, is an impeccable feeling. The priceless reactions I've witnessed over the years of clients picking their vehicles up, seeing those reactions & the relationships I've built, is what I do it for."

    Staying up to date on the newest & most effective products, Thane strives to not only insure clients get the best return on investment, but, the best reaction as well.
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  • Jose G.
    Paint Protection Film Specialist

  • Tomas B.
    Head Window Tinter

  • Chris C.
    Window Tinter

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